Horizons is a blog about graduate school, bioengineering, and the future of the human species. It is written and managed by Mark Aronson, a current Ph.D. student in Boston University’s Biomedical Engineering department. Here, Mark chornicles his journey through the Ph.D. degree program, comments and responds to developments in bioengineering and related fields, and philosophizes about how these developments will alter the course of the human species.

The word horizon comes from the ancient Greek word for limiting, referring to a circle. Horizons dictate the lines that separate the known from the unknown, the possible from the not-yet-proven-to-be impossible, and the hype from the reality. This blog explores these lines as they relate to our current knowledge and capacities in bioengineering and speculates on where that line will be redrawn in the future.

“As our circle of knowledge expands, so does the circumference of darkness that surrounds it.”

~ Albert Einstein